Time to get the Gang together for a Photoshoot

This is our family and I know we don't look very smart do we with the Zoo.  Pets seem to be like shoes you just accumulate them.

Pumpkin came from the Humane Society because my daughter left home with her 2 cats after a year and I got that empty nest syndrome.  It has taken Pumpkin 2 years to be somewhat social.  She is really good with the dogs so patient with them when they chase her up the tree in the backyard or kiss her, lick her and pretty much maul her.

Lily is the biggest cry baby ever.  She spends her time outdoors giving the birds a hard time.  To repay her they zoom down and try to nip her and she just sits there.  It gets pretty noisy.

Jasmine is a Multi-Poo with fleas.  Her skin seems to just be the best ever for fleas to have a great time in.  For the first time I thought we beat them and just at the end of the season she gets them again.  She is persnickety and just doesn't take anything with any of the other beasts in the house and she loves cookies.  Our great training trick – Cookies and now meat sticks.  The language of coming back home and going to the crate.  

Sage is Sage.  She is the bulldozer she mows us and the others down if they are in the path of food or attention.  Her most irritating point she carries around a blankie and to keep it in her mouth she puts it against your leg or tush and bites you.  She is a big sweety.  She is the swimmer she will get a ball half way across the pond and bring it back.  A true Retriever.  

Now, Buttercup is the opposite no retrieving at all she is the greeter at the dog park when new dogs come in and she runs around with the pack.  She could care less about a ball, as for swimming she cannonballs into the pond right when Sage is bring the ball back takes the ball from Sage and brings it to the bank and drops it where Sage picks it back up and then to us for another throw.

Pepper so far could care less about the Retriever in her name.  All she really does is pee.  Someday she should be trained I hope.  She is finally getting alittle cuddly.  She and Sage are buds so they spend their time together wrestling and playing tug with each other and of course digging up shrubs, holes and eating my bushes down to the nubs.  Our yard looks so bad.  

We are trying to get the hang of them all and have a system but after raising 7 kids between us I hate to say we are pooped on the discipline and we are just the happy go lucky grandparent types now.





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