St Charles Frenchtown Country Market

Yesterday, we found a treasure trove for outside plants and treasures in FrenchTown on Second St. called the "Frenchtown Country Market" at 1106 North Second Street. St Charles, MO. The store is just like the one my Grandmother shopped in when I went to visit her in the summer with the wood floors, rag rugs on the floor and the produce and wares in old time furniture and refrigerator cases  where you can actually feel you have gone back in time where shopping at the local country store was a charmed event just like time had stopped. The same Country stores of long ago you can expect to find a little of everything, Fresh Produce – Antiques – Vintage Jewelry – Bedding Plants – Pumpkins –  Dairy Products.  To make the selection more complete they will be adding a host of Missouri wines and local brewed beers.  

Historically, North Second Street home of Frencehtown Country Market was a bustling thriving street of butchers, bakers, tinsmiths and saddle maker’s shops were on the main st. and where most of the business owners lived above their shops.  FrenchTown is making a comeback with so many of those same types of shops coming back and making that area a thriving community once again.

We found so many wonderful flowers, flower baskets, a potting bench, and plant stand.  I added fresh made Vienna bread, Natural Bratwurst, bananas and to top it off an ice cream.  We left with a full car of treasures. 

Frenchtown Country Market

For me shopping should be a delightful experience and if you like me you just don't get it from the big chain stores so do yourself a flavor and make it a point to drop by Frenchtown Country Store.




Potting Bench

I really went over my budget at French Country Market not because things cost so much I just couldn't stop buying… this potting bench was not in the plan but had to have it.

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