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Iron Orchid Design Roller Stamps add delicately detailed vintage prints to your walls, also furniture and more. Use them with decor ink, paint and more!

Prima Decor Ink is the perfect ink for any surface.

IOD Decor Transfers add delicately detailed vintage touches to your favorite furnishings. Use these detailed transfers on your furniture, walls and more to add a delicate touch to any living space.

IOD Silicone Moulds

    • Embellish your decor and craft projects.
    • They play well with so many many types of media, like air dry clay, polymer clay, earthen clay, hot glue, even chocolate
    • Food safe rated
    • Use any moulding medium.

IOD Stamps are unlike any other, in design and function, furthermore they are a deeper cut design, and a larger scale, making them perfect for décor projects. Designed to transform your walls, furniture rehabs and create delightful fabric patterns!
Paper-based Clay perfect for our IOD Decor Silicone Moulds. Create intricate vintagey designs, simply apply the clay into the mould and release. Air dry.

Order all this here at Redposie Vintage Online. If you have questions contact customer service 314 504-6385