Cabinet Painting Inside Drawer using Stain

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Cabinet Painting Inside Drawer using Stain

When you’re Cabinet Painting you may need to give a little attention to the inside of the drawers to completely give your piece a refinish look. I get this question a lot, “Do you paint the inside of the drawer”, most of the time I  don’t because I try to save on paint and not use it on places unless I have to. If I can clean or use Lining in a the drawers with contact paper, wrapping paper, even  fabric, I will, but if the drawers have years of use, collecting dirty stains and who knows what else it’s best to do a little Cabinet Painting the inside with paint or a stain. I like using a thick coat of stain like Dixie Belle VooDoo Gel Stain.

Custom Painted

I sold this cabinet, that the customer wanted it custom painted with Wise owl Paint color Nabula
This color features deep shades of denim and of emerald green creating a finish that draws the eyes in no matter where it is in the room.

I have 100’s of paint colors  in my shop that when I sell a piece that I have not painted yet the customers can pick their color and I will custom paint it for then. I keep the customer updated as I take the piece through the painting process by massaging or emailing pictures to then of what the piece is starting to look like. If they feel changes is needed I can do it before the finish piece is completed. There is know surprises when the piece is delivered or when they come to pick it up at the shop.

The drawers in this cabinet needed more than cleaning or lining so first cleaned the inside with TSP and then applied a water base stain from Dixie Belle Paint called Tobacco Road.

Here is a short video of how I did it.


A Custom Cabinet Painting project, the inside drawer has been finished with Dixie Belle VooDoo Gel Tobacco Road

Custom Painted Cabinet

Cabinet Painting Inside Drawer using a water Base Gel Stain

This inside of this drawer has been finished with Dixie Belle VooDoo Water Base Gel color “Tobacco Road”

Materials I used for this Cabinet Painting Project:

Chalk Synthesis Paint    (Wise Owl color Nabula) Nabula is blue unlike any other.


Water Base Stain   (Dixie Belle Paint Stain color Tobacco)

Wax  (Redposie Wax Clear)