General finishes Java Gel Stain FAQs

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Not sure about how to use Java? Find your answer in General finishes Java Gel Stain FAQs

1) Can Java Gel Stain be used on cabinets that have been painted? I used it on cabinets that had been painted black and white. Thought id give it a try before doing extra steps! Didn’t strip them or anything and this product worked wonderfully going right over the paint. Did four coats on the white and two on the black. Hope this helps!
General finishes Java Gel Stain FAQs


2)What shade/color is the Java Gel Stain? it’s a deep dark chocolate.
3) I want to paint my kitchen cabinets and they have a satiny feel to them should I use Rust oleum deglosser to take satin finish off or just go over it? Just clean them really well. You can use Surface Prep By Belle Craie . Wiped mine down them applied this with a sock. Several layers were needed. The first layer is like omg what have I done, but after drying a few hours between thin coats the cabinets are beautiful . Then we sealed with a satin clear coat
4) why do you wipe off? The product is very thick and it works best if you use a very thin layer. I have seen the best look comes when you apply a thin layer and then wipe of excess with a lint free rag.
Depending on the look you want.

5) How long do you have to wait between coats? I waited 24 hrs, then sanded (220 grit) very lightly to remove any raised grain or dried dust particles, wiped it down with a slightly damp rag before re-coating. It took me 5 days to complete my project; 3 coats java, 2 coats polyurethane ( sand as above for the polyurethane). THIS ONE IS THE MOST General finishes Java Gel Stain FAQs