Real Milk Paint Add Saltwash Chippy Coastal Makeover

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Milk Paint Add Saltwash Chippy Coastal Makeover

I used powdered Real Milk Paint add Saltwash® for a COOL beachy look on this vintage sewing machine maple desk.

Why Real Milk Paint?

I wanted to achieve a different look than I could get with paints like the chalk types paints or any of the so called premixed milk paints. I used true milk paint made from a combination of casein (a protein found in milk), limestone, and natural plant fillers with pigments.

  • True milk paint would give me a much different finish than ordinarily paint.
  • Milk Paint colors lends itself to greater definition.
  • Milk Paint colors will last for years before fading.

When you get ready try milk paint most of the work is done for you…the people at the Real Milk Paint Company makes milk paint in over 50 colors that I stock at Redposie and sell Real Milk Paint online.

Why ADD Saltwash To Milk Paint?

When you add saltwash to milk paint you get a more natural aged look that can’t be duplicated from just distressing a piece, which is commonly done to other types of paint in an attempt to get that time or weather worn appearance.

When you get ready try saltwash the work is done for you…the people at makes the original Saltwash® that comes in 420z, 10oz and 4oz size tins… get some at Redposie and online Saltwash

I remove the original desk’s top and added pellet wood. A coat of saltwash in milk paint was added and I and sanded down the top peeks that saltwash form once it dries. I didn’t sand to a smooth surface because I wanted the top be somewhat coarse.

Sanding SaltwashHere is the Milk Paint Add Saltwash pallet wood top finished

Pellet wood pallet top

Saltwash was a excellent filler between the  pellet planks.Milk Paint Add Saltwash Chippy Coastal Makeover

Vintage sewing machine

Want to learn more about Milk Paint:MILK PAINT VS. CHALK PAINT – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW by the Real Milk Paint Company“.

Milk Paint Add Saltwash how to mix tutorial:Saltwash® Ratio to mix with Milk Paint for desired consistency “.

Materials I used for this project: