Belle Craie® Velvet Varnish


Non-yellowing, water based polyurethane finish which is also low odor, low in VOC’s and extremely user-friendly.
Velvet Varnish is moisture resistant and will provide years of durability to any surface. Perfect for cabinets! Great for table tops which may experience heavy wear.
Simple Application: Do not shake. Open can and stir. Avoid application of varnish if temperature of area is below 55F. Apply Velvet Varnish with a good clean brush or dense foam roller. Allow varnish to dry for one hour before aoolication of a second coat. Two coats are recommended for most applications. Velvet Varnish may be applied to newly painted surfaces after 24 hours, and after one hour of newly glazed surfaces.
Do not use steel wool as it will leave metal shavings in your varnish. Do not stack anything on varnished surface for at least one hour after completion of final coat. If sandpaper “gums” when sanding, then the varnish has not been given enough time to dry and harden (sensitive to environmental conditions). A small amount of clean water may be used if thinning is necessary for the varnishing project. Tools, brushes, and sprayers may be cleaned with warm soapy water.

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