Nuvo Cabinet Paint (Euro-Taupe) Quart


Don’t just live with your outdated kitchen cabinets, LOVE them!  Nuvo™ is a DIY one-day cabinet makeover process that does not require any cabinet removal or priming!  Get professional-looking results with just a roller & brush! 

One 32 oz can of NUVO Cabinet Paint –

Covers approximately – 50 sq ft – or 20 linear feet of cabinets


Before Painting Preparation: Use number 300 grit or higher to thoroughly sand all of your cabinet surfaces which you’ll be painting. You don’t have to remove your existing finish, just sand until all of your surfaces are “deglossed”. If you have wood cabinets, then follow your wood’s grain with your sanding motions. Avoid sanding in a circular motion. Be sure to sand extra well around your door handles and stove because of potential oils and dirt located in these areas. For applications on an existing high-gloss finish, it’s optimal to apply a liquid deglosser to your finish first and then use the 300 grit sand paper to lightly scuff up the surface. When you’re done with your sanding, wipe up all of the sanding dust with a standard window cleaner such as Windex® because the alcohol and ammonia won’t leave a residue.

Additional information

Weight 42 oz
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 5 in

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