FREE furniture Paint Class Every Thursday 5pm – 7pm & Monday 10am – 12pm

Welcome to Redposie’s free furniture paint classes
Thursday’s 5pm at the Redposie™
431 McDonough St Charles MO, 63301

This free furniture paint class will teach you basic painting techniques and provide the confidence you need to up-cycle your old furniture.
• Attend this 2-1/2 class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn Redposie’s furniture painting techniques that we have effected over the years to make furniture painting easy and fun. Samples of painted pieces are on display at Redposie store in St Charles, MO where class is held. Part of the class time is explaining how the various pieces was painted.
• Here is an opportunity to discover if painting furniture really is what you want to do before you invest in paint, brushes, and other painting accessories.
• Our free class has a variety of paints to use. We have the largest selection of paints for furniture and cabinet painting than any other DIY shops in St Louis.

No Purchase Necessary before or after attending this class!

Space is awarded based on a first-come -first-served. You will need to bring one small item to paint. Keep in mind the item shouldn’t be large. Don’t bring an Item to paint that has lots of spindles or shelves, because it can take too long to paint and you won’t have time to cover the lesson.

Following list will give you an idea what to bring.

• Step stool
• Child’s chair
• Picture Frame
• Cabinet Door
• Dresser Drawer
***We provide all of the paint/wax and supplies.

What You Can Expect To Learn In This Free Furniture Paint Class

Chalk Paint WorkShop at Redposie



• How to prep your furniture to paint without having to do a lot of sanding and stripping.
• Pros and cons of Chalk Type Paint vs. Real Milk Paint vs. Acrylic Paint, so you can select the right paint for your project.
• Learn how to distress it, glaze it, layer different colors or antique it
• The knowledge and tips that you will receive in our free paint classes will help you save time, money and frustration when you paint your own furniture.
• Experience a fun time, meet like minded DIYers or bring a friend to paint class.
You going to be proud to show your friends and family the amazing job you did when you take our free paint.

To register for  this class use the form below or call 314 504-6385.


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