Zibra 2-Inch Paint Brush



I own a furniture paint shop and I paint 5 days a week so I use a lot of paint brushes and for the price the Zibra brushes are the top of the line for painting furniture that I have found… They hold a lot of paint and makes painting furniture easy, and they last. For women's hands in particular, they are the best paint brushes on the market. for use with any type of natural based paint or waxes, including Maison Blanche, CeCe Caldwell's, Annie Sloan, Fat Paint, Van Gogh, or American Paint, Milk Paint and their wax finishing products, as well as the various brands of mineral paints. Difficult to find, so let me send them to you. Proper care of paint brushes is a must and with this care this brush will last you for years: 1. before using rinse out brush with warm water and mild dish detergent. This purges any loose bristles. 2. when finished painting, it's imperative that you gently rinse the brush under warm water and mild dish detergent. Allow the gentle stream of water to fully immerse the inner part of the brush, as this brush is very dense and holds a lot of paint. I also like to dip it in some white vinegar and then rinse again. This just keeps the bristles free of any paint. It's left over HARDENED paint that ages the bristles and makes them not lay flat. Leave to dry on a dry towel stubby handles sash brushes are ideal for detail work like painting furniture