Easy painting furniture attend one Redposie furniture spray painting class

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On July 15, 2017, Susan Donnelly of O’ Fallon MO. participated in a St Louis premier furniture spray painting class. In the same week after taking the class, Susan painted her dining room table and chairs to a two color flawless makeover.

Blog Post by Susan Donnelly

So let me start by saying “I am so not a great DIY person but I am trying and I REALLY wanted to learn how to do this and make some changes in our new house myself.  When we moved into our new house, the dining room table and chairs matched the hardwood looking laminate floor.  Like it seriously blended in!  I didn’t want to put down a rug underneath so I had to change up the table and I wanted to paint it.”

I found Redposie when I was searching online for resale shops in the O’Fallon MO. area.

Redposie host furniture spray painting classes at a cute little house in the city of St. Charles (431 McDonough Street)

When I stopped in to check it out I found out about the furniture spray painting class and got online and signed up right away. Redposie was super helpful in the painting spray class and answered most all our questions before we even asked them. We got to try the sprayer out and he gave tips on how to adjust our form to get the paint to cover evenly without having tons of bare spots.  I left the class full of spit and vinegar and ready to tackle my table and chairs.

This set has six chairs and a bench seat.  First I very lightly sanded down everything just to knock off some of the shine then I wiped down everything using the surface prep, just to get it completed clean and degreased.  I had no problem putting up my spray shelter in my garage and left the garage door open to ventilate.

I decided to spray four of the chairs first in the Dixie Bell “Drop Cloth”.

Once I had those done I went ahead and sprayed the legs of the table and bench seat.

furniture spray painting

With everything done, I poured the remaining paint back into the container and completely washed the sprayer and took a lunch break. I came back and started in on the Dixie Bell “Hurricane Gray” for the table top, seat of the bench and two chairs.

furniture spray painting at Redposie

Take a tip from me – Do Your Top First

In hindsight, I should have done the gray tops first because even though I covered the legs a bit, there was still some overspray and I had to touch up the legs. Once I poured the gray back into the container and cleaned the sprayer, I gave everything a coat of Polyvine “Dead Flat” finish and did the table top twice.

I was soooo pleased with how everything turned out that I’m already off to the next project!!! What a wonderful furniture spray painting Class!

A word from Redposie ” Everyone can easily paint their own furniture for just a few dollars. If you need furniture painted or another piece visits Redposie before you overpay for a simple job to get something like that dining room table painted. Call 314 504-6385 or go online at Redposie to register for a painting class.

Super Finish Max Extra Fast Start Quick Reference Guide

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Finish Max Extra

The Homeright Finish Max Extra allows you the ultimate control for your spray pattern.

With this unit you can change the spray tip set to adjust the flow of material. You can also select a fine or wide air cap nozzle that also controls the flow of material for the sprayer. Dial in the actual spray pattern by adjusting the flow control knob on the unit either + or – to your desired width. This allows you to use this sprayer for small detailed craft projects, furniture or large fences and decks. The sprayer comes with a 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 4.0 mm spray tip set.

The spray tip sets are changeable with the wrench tool, simply turn the tip counterclockwise to loosen the tip. Then use the other end of the tool to loosen the tip. Place the desired pin on the needle and then tighten or snug with included wrench tool. Then place the matching (tips and pins are color coded) spray tip on and tighten with the tool. The sprayer comes with the 2.0 mm spray tip set installed and fine air cap. Yellow Air Cap Nozzle = Wide spray pattern and is used for high production projects like large decks and fences. Black Air Cap Nozzle = Fine spray pattern and is used for furniture, cabinets and anything requiring a fine finish.

Super Finish Max Extra Quick Start Guide pg5

Super Finish Max Extra Quick Start Guide pg6

Super Finish Max Extra Quick Start Guide pag7

Super Finish Max Extra Quick Start Guidepg8

Super Finish Max Extra Quick Start Guidepg9This is a perfect time to tell you, we have a spray painting class at Redposie 431 McDonough St. St. Charles MO. The class is about 2 hours long. and it’s everything about how to use and maintain the Homeright Finish Max Extra Sprayer. 

Click for class time and date


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Hello from Redposie; we hope you enjoy this IOD CATALOG. At the time of posting some of the items you will find in the catalog are coming. If you like to know what is in stock now at Redposie used this link please. https://redposie.com/product-category/iron-orchid-designs/


















IOD-CATALOG-24The decor stamps are a new way to add your own unique style to your home decor. These versatile stamps can be used on a variety of surfaces, use them on furniture, fabric, walls and much more! Mix and match designs for one of kind look. These stamps are made to compliment each other ark seamlessly. Use these stamps with our large IOD Decor by Prima mounting block; designed specifically for the generous decor size of these fabulous stamps





Finally, an ink specifically designed for interior home decor surfaces, walls, furniture and fabrics. Use with IOD Decor stamps to create fabulous fabric creations, high end wall finishes, and stunning furniture accents. IOD Decor ink by Prima is a superior quality, pigment rick ink, creating excellent depth and detail.



My  Front Porch Saltwash Chalk Paint Chandelier Flower Holder

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I have this white metal chandelier, very plain looking that I had replaced with a ceiling fan, but I just couldn’t find it in myself to toss it. For the longest time, I didn’t know what to do with it. The chandelier hung in the garage for over a year.

To tell you the truth I didn’t know how I wanted to recycle it until I discovered on Pinterest some images of re-purposed chandeliers into hanging flower pots holders. My chandelier I thought was perfect as a Chandelier Flower Holder, It is really sturdy and could handle the weight of small clay pots fill with potting soil and some cute plants. I figured I had everything already Saltwash® and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®color Napoleonic Blue to create the fabulous textured worn outdoorsy look I wanted.

So here is that old chandelier recycled  and how to paint your own using a Saltwash & chalk paint®  mixSaltwash Chalk Paint Chandelier Flower Holder

Step 1: Prep the chandelier

Remove all bulbs, candle holders, and cut away all electrical wiring that may be showing. Clean with Surface Prep cleaner or TSP. Surface Prep comes in a spray bottle that makes it supper easy to use and it is wonderful for prepping surfaces so paint will adhere.

Step 2: Assemble flower pots on the Chandelier

I picked up 6 small clay pots at Micheal’s for $1.79 each. For mounting the pots on the chandelier, I was able to use the assembly that came from the chandelier but I did have to buy 6 Hex Nuts from Lowes.

Project ready for Saltwash Chalk Paint!

Step 3: Mix saltwash in paint and apply as a basecoat on pots.

Mix SALTWASH into paint until mixture has a thick icing like consistency. Now apply the mix to pots using a chip brush. Be sure to apply using a glob like technique, pulling up the peaks of the mixture.

Belle Craie Cascade


Step 4: Add a colorful top coat using a chalk paint

I used  Annie’s Napoleonic Blue but here is where you get to pick your own color. After your second coat dries lightly sand back to show the color of your base coat. Now add plants and you ready to hang the chandelier.

Annie Sloan Paint

Summer Day On my St Louis Front Porch!